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Why our Ground Beef is Better


At Tucker's, we've got a 50-year history of using only top quality ground beef in our hamburgers. Our founder, Rudy Sang, was a butcher by trade, operating one of the must successful meat markets in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. When Rudy started Tucker's, his knowledge of meats and cuts of beef was instrumental in our intial success. Rudy always made sure that our ground beef was lean and prepared using only the best, most tender meats.

Today, we follow that same recipe for success. Tucker's beef is ground from select cuts of round, chuck, and sirloin. Just as importanly, our beef is never frozen. We've found that ground beef loses some of it's unique fresh flavor if it is frozen, so we sell only fresh beef at Tucker's.

That's the way Rudy would have wanted it. To this day, we still do things his way--the right way!

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