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Tuckers Resturant Circa 1980

Tucker's Main Street Restaurant, circa 1975

The Tucker's Story


     Our founder, Rudy Sang, was a cook in the United States Navy during World War II. Rudy served his country with distinction, earning a Purple Heart when his destroyer was struck by a torpedo.


     Chili was a favorite meal aboard ship, and Tucker's original chili recipe came straight from the Navy Cook Book.


     After the war, Rudy returned to his peace time occupation as a meat cutter and in 1946, he opened his first restaurant at the corner of Ninth & Military in Fond du Lac. In the mid-fifties, Rudy purchased property at the corner of 12TH and Greenwood Streets and opened a restaurant that became known as the Greenwood Grill.  


     From the beginning Tucker's signature item was hamburgers, always prepared with top quality, fresh (never frozen) ground beef and the best vegetables and ingredients. Even today, our customers remember the slogan of the Greenwood Grill, "Seven hamburgers for a dollar," and over the years, the business grew and Rudy took on his daughter, Barbara, and his son-in-law, Steve as partners.


     The Grill was a popular neighborhood restaurant and since it was right around the corner from Goodrigh High School, it was very popular with the students as well. In fact, Steve and Barbara's son, Steve Junior, lays claim to being the youngest letter holder at Goodrich High school, having been presented with a Fondy letter sweater on his third birthday.


     In 1963, Rudy, Steve, and Barbara opened Tucker's Toofers at the corner of South Main Street and Pioneer Road.  The slogan then was "they're toofer 25," meaning two hamburgers for a quarter. The name Tuckers was chosen because it was the nickname of daughter Barbara, who, as a child, had a hard time staying tucked in and always kicked her blankets off.


     In 1966, Rudy opened a second Tucker's location on West Johnson Street, and today, the business is owned by Rudy's grandson, Steve and his wife, Kathy.  


     During is first years in business, Rudy made subtle changes to his chili recipe until he hit on the perfect flavor. Chili is now a big seller at Tucker's where we use the very same recipe that Rudy developed half a century ago.


     And of course, our hamburgers and still made fresh to order, using fresh, high quality ground beef and the best ingredients. It's the same way we make our delicious soups and salads, just like Rudy would have done it himself!




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