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Readers Choice BEST CHILI for 16 Years in a Row! Thanks Fond du Lac!

Whew! Now that the weather is cooler, we're selling chili like it's going out of style!, and all we can say is "Thank you Fond du Lac!" You voted us BEST CHILI for the 16th straight year, and we're very grateful for your support.

Of course, we're very proud of our award winning chili because we put a lot of work into getting it right.

Our chili recipe is over 50 years old--why mess with a good thing? We make sure it has everything that you expect in a good chili, starting with plenty of meat. Our chili is meaty and hearty and a meal in itself.

We use the best tomato products we can find. Did you know that our chili contains the very same, expensive, high quality tomato products used by the best restaurants and pizzerias in downtown Chicago? It's true!

Finally, we make sure our chili has just the right amount of spice. Not too bland and not too spicy, so that the flavor of the tomatoes and the meat comes through.

At Tucker's, we're committed to quality food at a fair price, so we'll continue making our chili with the same recipe we've used for over 50 years! Thanks for supporting us! We really appreciate your business!

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