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Our Cod Sandwich is a REAL HANDFUL!

What makes Tucker's Beer Batter Cod Sandwich the best in town?

The answer is simple. We take no shortcuts.

Everyone has seen those frozen, square fish sandwiches. That's the "fast food" way of doing things.

At Tucker's, we take a different approach.

Tucker's North Atlantic Cod Sandwich is made with natural cod fillets. Actually the "North Atlantic" part of the equation is pretty important! Cod caught in the North Atlantic is cold water cod, the whitest, flakiest, most tender kind.

North Atlantic cod is the best and that's all we use at Tuckers.

Then, we take that North Atlantic cod and hand batter it with our own beer batter recipe, and we never do it ahead of time. Your Beer Batter Cod Sandwich is hand-prepared only after you order it.

What makes ours the best fish sandwich in town? Great ingredients and no shortcuts. Try our Cod Sandwich today and taste the difference!

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