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At Tucker's Quality Matters

We care about quality at Tuckers. We care a lot!

We are not a national fast food chain with tons of advertising power. Tuckers just can't "out shout" the big guys when it comes to getting our message accross! So how do we compete? We keep things simple. We sell the best quality food we can make at the lowest prices we can afford to charge.

Sure, we could make food that costs less, but you probably wouldn't be too happy with how it tastes, so we prefer to take the "high road" when it comes to quality.

We use the freshest produce we can buy, and we inspect it carefully each and every day to be sure it is fresh, crisp, and delicious. That romaine lettuce in your salad? Yup, we carefully selected the best lettuce we could to make your salad. Those strawberries on your salad? Yup, they're fresh and carefully chosen, too. The tomato products we use to make our award winning chili? They're the best money can buy--the same products used by the very best downtown Chicago restaurants.

At Tuckers, we use brands that you know and probably buy for yourself when you go to the grocery store. Brands like Kraft, Hunts, Heinz, Lamb-Weston, Pace, LeGout, Knorr, Newman's Own, and many others. Our pantry contains many of the same products that you like and use in your own home!

When you come to Tuckers, we cook your food fresh and delicious. Your sandwich, salad, or wrap is never prepared ahead of time. We make every one fresh for your order!

Why do we take the time to do all these things? Because we don't just want to sell food to you, we actually want you to LIKE what you eat! Our reputation is at stake every time you come here, and we want to be sure your food is prepared hot and fresh with top quality ingredients.

At Tuckers, quality matters. It's the reason we've been a successful family business for over 50 years, and we appreciate your business!

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