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The Story of the Popcorn Stand

Tucker's Popcorn Stand is open for the season at our Main Street location. We are open at 6 P.M. daily, weather permitting.

The popcorn stand has a long history in the Fond du Lac area. Over fifty years ago, Mrs. Straub, a local resident, opened her popcorn stand at the corner of Main and 7th. Longtime Fondy residents will certainly have fond summertime memories of long lines waiting as Mrs. Straub worked her magic to make the perfect popcorn.

Shortly after Mrs. Straub retired, Tucker's purchased the popcorn stand and moved it to its current location at the corner of Main & Pioneer, where it has resided since 1997.

From the beginning, our goal has been to preserve this little part of Fondy's history as best we can. To this day, we stay loyal to the popcorn recipe handed down by Mrs. Straub, a recipe that produces delectably crispy, buttery popcorn that just can't be duplicated at home.

In 2013, Tucker's built a brand new popcorn stand to replace Mrs. Straub's aging, old popcorn wagon. We now operate out of a brand new facility, but we continue to follow Mrs. Straub's tradition of making her popcorn, her way.

Thanks, Fond du Lac, for supporting this small part of our local heritage!

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