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The Art of Wrap Making

Most people see Tuckers as a fast food restaurant and that's fine, to a point. We do have a service counter and a drive-thru window, but that's where the similarity ends. When it comes to food, we are definitely a cut above "fast food."

Take our wraps, for instance. Wraps are a relatively new part of our menu, something we wanted to add as many of us are choosing healthier options when we visit restaurants these days. But we didn't want to just "rush" an ordinary product to the market! If you want an ordinary wrap, you can just visit one of our fast food competitors.

Tuckers wraps are made the right way. We use real, boneless skinless chicken breasts instead of the cheaper stuff you find at many fast food places. Every day, we inspect all of the produce we will be using for our wraps and salads. We check everything and we make sure that the lettuce is crisp and fresh, the tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions are just right and that all ingredients are excellent. A lot of produce doesn't make the cut at Tuckers -- we check everything.

We also make several sauces and dressings from scratch with our own recipes, like the Salsa Ranch Dressing we recommend with our Santa Fe Chicken Wrap. It's one of our signature dressings and it always gets high praise from customers who try it.

When we build your wrap, it's truly hand-crafted, right at the time you order it. But we don't stop there. At Tuckers, we give our wraps our own special touch by toasting them ever so slightly. We've found that lightly toasted wraps just taste better so we take the extra step to make them right.

That's why we say that there's an art to making a good wrap. You can't just slap a bunch of ingredients together and expect to have a good product, you've got to use proper ingredients and take the time to do the job right. That's what we do at Tuckers.

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